Presentations Public Workshop 26 April 2016 - C-ITS Deployment is underway Part II

Maarten Amelink May 02, 2016 11416 keer bekeken

The Amsterdam Group together with CODECS organised a succesfull Public Workshop on 26 April 2016 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The topic was: C-ITS Deployment is underway Part II – progress reports of European C-ITS corridor projects and pilots.

CODECS and the Amsterdam Group continued their successful collaboration with organising the second edition of the Public Workshop “C-ITS Deployment is underway!”

This format provides C-ITS deployment pilots and corridors with a platform to report their progress in making cooperative road traffic a reality.

The presentations from the workshop can be downloaded here.




C-ITS Corridor Germany

C-ITS Corridor Austria

C-ITS Corridor Netherlands

Scoop France


C-ITS deployment Czech Republic

A2 M2 corridor UK

C-ITS pilot Hungary

C-ITS platform information

Cities perspective

Corridor Summary

Long term RWW

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