Gearing up for C-ITS deployment - ITS Glasgow

Maarten Amelink May 02, 2016 11860 keer bekeken

From June 6 till 9, the ITS European congress 2016 will take place in Glasgow. The Amsterdam Group will take part in session SIS03: 'Gearing up for C-ITS deployment'

From June 6 till 9, the ITS European congress 2016 will take place in Glasgow. The Amsterdam Group will take part in session SIS03:  'Gearing up for C-ITS deployment'

The roll out of Cooperative ITS in Europe is accelerating. Cross-sector cooperation on European scale is essential for harmonised and coherent deployment on several locations and corridors. Based on the C-ITS Platform Final Report, the European Commission will present the shared vision and roadmap for C-ITS deployment in Europe in the first half of 2016. The Amsterdam Group facilitates cooperation between infrastructure organisations and automotive industry for corridor-based harmonised deployment of C-ITS services. In doing so, it promotes interoperable deployment and provides an essential cooperation element among implementers which complements the C-ITS Platform. In this session, European Commission and Amsterdam Group will provide their view on the status of overarching open issues which are crucial to ensure interoperability. Representatives from C-ITS deployment initiatives all over Europe (e.g. UK, France, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Nordic countries) will briefly present the current status of their initiatives, lessons learned from deployment preparation and future plans. The representatives will continue to share experience and knowledge in a subsequent Q&A slot. The Corridor pitch concept was successfully run at ITS World 2015. It complements the CODECS-proposed panel discussion on transition challenges towards C-ITS and automated driving.

Session code: SIS03 Gearing up for C-ITS deployment

Date and hour: Tuesday 7 June 2016 at 11:00 - 12:30

More details on the venue can be found through this link.

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