Register now! – C-ITS Deployment is underway Part III

Maarten Amelink January 17, 2017 2018 keer bekeken

The workshop is dedicated to the progress on C-ITS Deployment in Europe.

The initial deployment of Cooperative ITS services in Europe is being shaped on different levels. On policy level, the European Commission has issued a C-ITS strategy as an important milestone towards cooperative, connected and automated mobility (COM (2016) 766) and works on the preparation of a Delegated Act on C-ITS. The C-ITS platform bundles the C-ITS expert knowledge and the implementation level consist of the C-Roads platform and the affiliated national pilots. The launch of the C-Roads platform in December 2016 has increased the number of Member States involved in piloting and deploying C-ITS services significantly. And there is expected more to come making use of the recent CEF call on ITS.

The Amsterdam Group as a strategic alliance of infrastructure organisations (CEDR, ASECAP, POLIS) and the automotive industry (Car2Car Communication Consortium) and the Horizon 2020 CSA CODECS (COoperative ITS DEployment Coordination Support) are very pleased to see the fruitful progress on C-ITS Deployment which contributes to bringing C-ITS in the vehicles and on the roads. The Amsterdam Group and CODECS have organised in 2015 and 2016 two open workshops which have found large interest and have served as a one-stop-shop of tracking the preparation of C-ITS deployment, exchanging knowledge from practical implementation and learn from each other in an expert community.

The 2017 workshop will continue this series of joint open workshops. It will provide information on the latest progress on EU COM level and also feature the pilots contributing to the C-Roads Platform. It will also track the progress achieved by the “frontrunner initiatives” (e.g. C-ITS Corridor, SCOOP@F, NordicWay) and will assess the state-of-play on open issues in view of contributing to a “blueprint” for deployment in support of interoperable C-ITS services.

For draft agenda and registration, please go to the CODECS website.


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