7. Overview of relevant deployment activities in Europe

The initial deployment of cooperative ITS in Europe will be based on a phased approach with simple, non-complex services in the initial deployment and increased complexity with increased C-ITS penetration in vehicles as well as roadside units in corridor and city projects.

The automotive industry has agreed to initiate deployment of C-ITS from 2015 in a competitive environment. An agreed system specification typically based on ETSI TC ITS communication standards will be finalised autumn 2013. The joint system specification will provide regional interoperability across all stakeholders including automotive, authorities and road operators. All services will be further developed with higher complexity in accordance with market/user acceptance and as agreed by the relevant stakeholders.

Deployment activities planned and in preparation in line with the activities of the Amsterdam Group

  • C-ITS Corridor Austria – Germany – The Netherlands - From 2015
  • French corridor pilot project Paris – Strasbourg - From 2015
  • Corridor project in Sweden - Estimated 2016-17         
  • Corridor project in Portugal - Estimated 2016-17
  • City projects in accordance with the EC supported COMPASS4D project
    • Bordeaux, France
    • Copenhagen, Denmark
    • Eindhoven, Netherlands
    • Newcastle, UK
    • Thessaloniki, Greece
    • Verona, Italy
    • Vigo, Spain
  • City projects under consideration within the POLIS organisation

It is expected that all European Deployment projects apply the same standards and system specifications in order to ensure interoperability. 

Further deployment projects or pilots will contribute to a European wide C-ITS implementation and deployment.


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