White papers

The Amsterdam Group White Papers for three C-ITS services are available for download below (publication date: April 2016).

The present documents have been developed within the Amsterdam Group and might be further elaborated within the Amsterdam Group. The Amsterdam Group and its members accept no liability for any use of this documents and other documents from the Amsterdam Group for implementation.

The Amsterdam Group documents should be obtained directly from the Amsterdam Group.

Copyright Notification: No part may be reproduced except as authorized by written permission. The copyright and the foregoing restriction extend to reproduction in all media.

Road Works Warning (RWW)

Please note: Version 3.0 of the document Message Set & Triggering Conditions (including the long-term road works) is in preparation.

In-Vehicle Information (IVI)

Signal Phase and Time (SPaT) and Map Data (MAP)


Document on Safety related message sets (publication date: February 2017)

This “Terms and Definitions” document provides a subset of DATEX II Codes, DENM Event Types, TMC Events and TPEG2-TEC Cause Codes, which shall be defined and declared as the message sets to be used for safety related messages. 

The first version of the following list of messages was collated based on discussions within a joint group of experts incorporating TISA and DATEX II specification experts. An update of this document in 2017 was based on the C-ITS Corridor project experiences in Germany and Austria. This addition was coordinated with the C-ITS community through the Amsterdam Group.

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