CODECS prepared the deployment of C-ITS and is supported by Amsterdam Group.

At a glance

COoperative ITS DEployment Coordination Support

C-ITS provide a wide array of information and warning services for a safe, sustainable and comfortable future mobility. Deployment of vehicles communicating among each other and with road infrastructure lies ahead, initially progressed in corridor projects and pilots all over Europe. Coordination between these front runners and aligned roll-out plans for the phased deployment are inevitable to let traffic participants experience the benefits of C-ITS seamlessly.

CODECS acts as a nodal point pooling stakeholders involved in C-ITS deployment in the consecutive implementation phases. The Coordination and Support Action establishes a stakeholder network for stimulating a transparent information flow and exchange of lessons-learned from initial deployment. Through workshops, webinars and personal consultation, CODECS takes inventory on the status and implementation approaches in early deployment activities (technologies, specifications and functions), roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders as well as issues for strategic decision making. CODECS consolidates these procedures, stakeholder interests, preferences and requirements and plays them back into the network. Through interactive discussion, it develops

  • a V2I/I2V standards profile,
  • white papers closing gaps in standardisation, and
  • a blueprint for deployment

These results of CODECS sustain the interoperability of systems and services across hot spots of early deployment, enabling end-users to witness benefits of cooperative road traffic first-hand, in turn impacting on the penetration rates. CODECS promotes the idea of cooperative road traffic to a broad target audience to support this effect.

To give guidance for a future concerted C-ITS roll-out also for later innovation phaseswith corresponding research, testing and standardisation, CODECS transforms the fused stakeholder preferences in

  • an aligned use case road map and
  • recommendations for strategic decision making.

With this goal setting, CODECS supports the Amsterdam Group, the C-ITS Deployment Platform of the European Commission, Standards Setting Organisations and other key deployment players to come to a concerted C-ITS roll-out across Europe.

Project Acronym:                  


Type of Action:                     

Coordination and Support Action


1 May 2015 - 30 April 2018

Funding Scheme:                  

European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme

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