Amsterdam Group

The Amsterdam Group is a strategic alliance of committed key stakeholders with the objective to facilitate joint deployment of cooperative ITS in Europe. It includes the umbrella organisations CEDR ASECAP POLIS and C2C-CC.

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The Amsterdam Group includes the key stakeholders who have the means to jointly develop and deploy cooperative ITS in Europe. However the members of the umbrella organisations have shared and own responsibilities and duties in relation to C-ITS.

The umbrella organisations forming the Amsterdam Group send representatives of their members to the Amsterdam Group plenary meetings. A Management Team with one representative from each of the umbrella organisations provides proposals for strategic direction and contributions to the plenary meetings and the work of the organisation.

Objectives & Role

The Amsterdam Group is active to facilitate information exchange, discussion and creation of solutions between the involved stakeholders in the context of C-ITS. The role of the Amsterdam Group:

  • Facilitate dialogue between actors, e.g. on corridors results and needs
  • Integrated communication interface towards the individual members of the Amsterdam group
  • Exchange of experience between corridors, front runners, etcetera.
  • Communicates with EC and other bodies (e.g. ETSI/CEN)
  • Functional specifications for C-ITS services as input for standardization
  • Taking away barriers for deployment

Amsterdam Group Management Team

The Amsterdam Group is lead by the management team, with one representative from each of the umbrella organisations. The team consists of the chairman and the co-chairs, and currently includes the following people:

Torsten Geißler, BASt/CEDR, Chairman of the Amsterdam Group
Jacqueline Erhart, ASFINAG, co-chair on behalf of ASECAP
Niels Peter Skov Andersen, General Manager of C2C-CC and co-chair of the Amsterdam Group
Suzanne Hoadley, POLIS, co-chair of the Amsterdam Group

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